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How IoT Operations Leaders Can Decide Whether to Insource or Outsource Support

To really scale your IoT business, your customer success and support infrastructure and processes are critical. We discussed this at length in our blog post The Guide to Growing Your IoT Business Through the Customer Journey Support Model. Two of the main considerations for any operations leader, customer success or customer support manager at a […]

How to Determine the Size of your Support Team

When you’re launching a startup, especially if you’re in the exciting IoT space, one of the last things on your mind is support. It’s not as fun as the other stuff: developing breakthrough technologies. Getting press on Mashable. Getting your first 100 users. But support? That’s boring, right? Well, support is essential, as we discuss […]


5 Types of Customer Support Services Consumer IoT Companies Should Outsource

According to technology research firm International Data Corporation, the Internet of Things market will reach $1.4 trillion by 2021. IoT will become an intimate part of our lives, both on the consumer side of things and for industrial applications. The diversity of IoT devices being brought to market is mindboggling, particularly in the consumer space, […]

The Guide to Growing Your IoT Business through the
Customer Journey Support© Model

You’ve found it – the complete guide for designing a customer journey support system that will boost the growth of your IoT business, specially for consumer-oriented IoT companies.   There are a million different opinions about key growth factors for technology companies. Some assert that customer acquisition is the key. Others claim that having a […]