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Customers speak the truth and now the data is in your hands

Optimize your customers’ experience with Zahoree™ Analytics.  SAN JOSE, CA, September 10, 2019. – Infolink-exp, a leader in global technology support services, announced its new Zahoree Analytics offering today.  Zahoree is an advanced analytics capability that will allow clients to optimize their customer   experience by using data coming from various sources, mainly their customer […]

How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens

“Usage of smart, internet-connected devices is becoming the norm amongst people of all ages—even seniors. For the elderly, advanced technology and high-tech devices make daily tasks easier and can enhance quality of life. With technology, seniors have the tools and assistance to be more independent.”   Adoption of new technologies is always a challenge, as […]


Infolink EXP Blog: One of the Best Customer Experience Blogs to Follow

Companies today are prioritizing the creation of amazing customer experiences. They know that excellence in sales and marketing is not enough – they must also delight their customers throughout the customer journey, both before the sale and after the sale. Belgian Big Data company NG Data recently researched the top blogs in the industry dedicated […]


Customer Experience Management through service…beyond operational metrics

We all like graphs! It’s something that comes natural, especially in the customer support business. We all want to know where we stand when it comes to response times, ticket volumes, resolution times, top issues, CSAT, NPS, etc. And all of that is more than ok to measure, as it helps us improve our customer […]


The Customer Experience is Key to Growth and Profitability on the Cloud

The Cloud business model is probably the biggest breakthrough in computing since the invention of windows-based software. By offering applications and functionality on a subscription basis, software companies are becoming more like services companies than product companies. Salesforce.com may not have pioneered the software-as-a-service model, but they, more than any other company, popularized it and […]